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Martin gained a huge amount of confidence and lost 4kg

'Although I have been a member of several gyms over the years, I was unfocused on what I wanted from the gym. I saw others and almost at times felt intimidated by their looks and thought that I could change my appearance and health overnight to match.I have been a father for over 8 years now and want to be a good role model for my children, I have always been happier when I have felt healthier, with this in mind once I could work out a routine that worked for me I was able to start attending the gym regularly.I found going outside of my comfort zone difficult. Following coaching with Nate I attended a free bootcamp session at the gym, this is something I would never have considered before. But by pushing myself outside my comfort zone I found a new variation on exercise to keep things interesting.I love how Nates approach to coaching is centred around me and what I want to achieve. Nate is patient in adjusting techniques to better suit where I am. It feels natural, enjoyable and not at all as intimidating as I had dressed it up in my head to be!Nate has given me routine and focus and a visible time frame to see results. I am able to play for longer with my children and keep up with my youngest!My Strategy going forwards is to do little and often, I need to maintain a routine and integrate exercise and weight training into my everyday life!'

About Me

I am a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer based in Basingstoke, Hampshire. I am a member of the Association of Independent Personal Trainers (AIPT) and a Mental Health First Aider (MFHA) I specialise in coaching Beginners , Parents and Strength and Conditioning Training.

I was new to the Gym and had no idea where to start, but after speaking to Nate and discussing my goals, he wrote a personalised plan with different workouts. This was great for me as without this I wouldn't have had the confidence to go to the gym!He spent time taking me through my plan and making sure I understood each exercise, and his friendly, approachable personality made the whole process of getting stuck into exercising so easy. I highly recommend Nate if you want a PT who is motivating and knowledgeable!Hannah. Basingstoke.

I will support you throughout your Fitness Journey.

Nate is a great PT if you want to learn how to empower your body and improve your overall health. During workouts Nate would explain exercises as they were personalised to my needs. Highly recommend, if like you're like me and impatient about results - they take time, Nate makes this time a lot more manageable and realistic.Emily, Tadley

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